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It was late when the family was on the road in their blue Volkswagen. Every nook and cranny of the forest road was swallowed up by the pitch-black darkness of the night, the only sources of light being the headlights of the mid-sized car or the white moonlight in the night sky.

"See, wasn't that a nice trip to the park? We managed to get some time in to see the stars before it got too dark." A man said, cutting into the silence. He was a tall and thin figure, his ear-length black hair was disheveled slightly, wearing a rather business casual outfit of a button down and slacks with shiny dress shoes with glasses that were way too big for his eyes.

"Yes dear, we realize how much you love the park and all of its wonders of nature." A woman in the passenger seat next to him replied with a laugh. She was of a curvier frame, her golden brown curly hair tied in a ponytail with a white ribbon to match with her orange and white polka-dot sun dress.

The last passenger, seated in the back seats, was a girl who seemed to be right at the peak of teenage age, 13 years. Compared to her parents, she looked somber in her black and white striped tee and navy blue jeans. Her expression was bored, cheek resting on her hand as she stared through the window which proved pointless to relieve her boredom as it was too dark to even see anything.

"Sam dear, you seem down." Her mother said, concerned. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing mom, it's just that I didn't get enough time there." Samantha brought her head up from her hand. "I mean the fisherman was just getting to the part of how he died!"

The statement made her father visibly tense up, his lips turning into a scowl. "Samantha, how many times are you going to play with your delusions?"

"They are not delusions Dad! These ghosts are actual people, actual people who have died; they need their stories heard by someone!"

"Ghosts aren't real!" He snapped. "The only thing that's real is the quick buck those reality shows make with their little "haunted house" ploys." He then sighed. "Sam, I'm getting worried about you. You're thirteen years old; if you start going on about ghosts then the school will think something is wrong with you, wrong with us!"

"Well let them!" Sam shot back, offended. "I don't want to leave them alone!..Not without hearing their stories and bringing them peace first."

"Sam I-"

"Oh honey, just let her have her fun." Samantha's mother commented, obviously not wanting to deal with her husband's deep voice which was ironic considering his thin body. "Besides, I'm sure when school comes, Sam will drop it. Right dear?"

Sam huffed and crossed her arms, not wanting to even look at her parents, turning back to the window. This was a common conversation her and her parents shared; Sam exhibiting her strange ability and them being generally displeased with it.

Sam, or perhaps her birth name Samantha Caroline Livingston, could see ghosts. Big ghosts, small ghosts. Young ghosts, old ghosts. Even the ghosts of animals she could see. Anything that could be considered supernatural and spectral Sam could see and that's where the problems would lie. Only she could see and interact with them, not anyone else. What Sam considered to be a vehement retelling of how an old fisherman was claimed by a monster of the deep was to a normal person, the young girl squealing and talking to supposed air. A game of hide-and-seek with a child never found was a strange sight of Sam moving from place to place calling for a name that seemed to be taken from the olden days. One time the whole town got involved as firefighters had to yank out out of a burning home, her reason for even going into the building was to rescue a small ghost of a kitten she heard.

These incidents ended up giving Sam the reputation of being a manic, both in the school and out. Even after being sent to a shrink by her parents, she still exhibited the same behavior. Adults wondered if there was something wrong with her, children would ostracize her, throwing slander; she was the target for most, if not all viscous pranks. Since most were afraid of gaining the same reputation as she did, she was often alone and while it did sting, she tried her hardest to ignore it.

Her true friends were the spirits.

Her behavior worried her parents to say the least. The blunt of these incidents often went back to her parents.

People started to wonder were they really bringing Sam up right and maybe they were manics themselves. Other parents would whisper behind their backs, poking fun at the family when they could. Of course, both of Sam's parents would shrug it off, making the excuse that Sam was only young and she would grow out of it but as Sam grew older and this spiritual sightings continued, they knew that they would have to stop the girl or else their social lives would come crashing down.

Sam, however thought otherwise. "They just don't understand..." She grumbled as she continued to stare out the window. No one ever did, the world of the dead was a world unknown to everyone. It felt only she had the key to such an unique and strangely mystifying world. A low sigh came from her as she viewed out of the window, the moon brighter than before. What she wouldn't do to be a part of that world.

As she viewed the landscape outside, an image blurred past her. Sam's eyes widened at the sight and turned to the other window on her mother's side of the back passengers' seats, hoping to see the same blur but there was none. Sam's look became perplexed; she could've just sworn she just saw something flew past the car.

She then turned back to her own window and found the breath begin stolen from her, her eyes now glued to the window.

It was her. Well not really but the image had a striking resemblance to her: straight jet-black hair, the difference being that the image's was streaked was red in a sweeping stroke, like it was blood that poured from their very head. And the cloak. Red. Red like roses. Red like her sneakers. Red like blood. The vision of "herself " stood still as the scenery behind it moved on with time. It looked at Sam with silver eyes and waved. Yes wave. Sam moved back shocked, a small yelp coming from her before she moved closer to the window.

"You're...You're me?...And waving"

Those words sounded distant as she spoke, pointing at herself for clarification. The image smiled as it nodded, confirming Sam's thoughts, and then mouthed some words.

"Of course I 'm I'm you...just from a future time."

Sam raised an eyebrow. "A future me?..."

"Yes. A future where you, or rather me, will become a warrior who brings all spirits peace."

That statement made Sam's eyes perk up with interest. Helping spirits? That was a dream job in her eyes, a job she would love to do! "Really? I...I could help spirits? Bu-But what do you mean by a warrior? I can't fight!"

"Samantha! Who are you talking to?!" Sam snapped back into her reality, her father's loud voice being the source why. She then turned to him, obviously excited and surprised at the news.

"I'm talking to a spirit, Dad. They're telling me that I'm going to be a warrior and help spirits! Isn't that great?"

Her father exhaled a long breath, her mother giving him a look that told him to let the girl have her fun and not yell at her for once.

The image stared at Sam's parents and then back to Sam, lifting their arm up, a ghostly pale hand slipping out of a black sleeve and waved at her, smiling.

"Calm down. You'll be me really soon."

The image vanished into nothingness causing Sam to panic, the girl scrambling to the window, pressing her face onto it.

"Wa-Wait! Don't leave! I need to know more! I-" Sam couldn't finish her sentence as there was a sudden impact that shook the very frame of the car and then a swerve that sent her right back into her seat harshly. She heard her father yell out something and her mother scream in a panic but it was too distant in her ears for Sam to understand.

Something was wrong. She didn't know what but something was happening and whatever it was, it was bad. There was a dip and she saw the car tip over and start to roll. The glass of the window besides her shattered and she screamed, covering her face and neck with her arms for protection and putting her knees close to her chest.

As the rolling continued, her head bounced against the seat. She saw her mom and dad moved around like rag dolls but no sound came out of them, an ominous feeling crawling up to her that made her want to shut her eyes out and cry. She wanted it to stop, she wanted it to end. She wanted Death.

The rolling stalled for a minute, Sam feeling weightlessness for a slight minute before she came crashing down with the car in a rough impact. She shook, she heard something snap, and then everything went black.

He could see the smoke clouds from his location, the blackness of it covering the sky. The male's young face was neutral, lips a thin line as he observed the sky from his spot, perched on top of the branch of a tall tree in the forest on the side of the road.

He looked no younger than nineteen, his coat and hood along with the darkness of night refusing to show any other physical indications about him. Growing tired of observing, the male jumped from the branch and landed, starting his journey to the location of the smoke.

Death was nothing new to him. Ever since he was born, Death was his parent. When he was just learned how to walk, the first thing he touched was a judgement stick. On his birthday, his present was watching a school of children explode and having to judge all of their souls, one by one. It was a concept that was attached to him since the dawn of his birth and will stick with him for the rest of his life.

He arrived almost at the location of the smoke when he suddenly dodged a blast of fire that went towards him, turning to see what would happen to it. The fire ended up dispersed into nothingness once it missed its target of Ren's face. His face didn't waver as he watched the result, turning back and going into the site itself.

In a word it could be described as chaos: There were flurries of bodies, some with black cloaks of darkness, others with regular clothes of humans. Some were on the ground, too injured to continue on.

Reapers. He could tell by their cloaks. The creatures of death themselves. Those who make sure every spirit moved on to judgement by the judges of the dead like himself. The other group were kashas. The cats bound by hell who often stole spirits and bodies from reapers. While they were useful at times, they only served to be a pain in his side. With every time one of the cloaks neared towards the smoke, flames of blue would roar and rise to towering heights.

He watched the scene before coughing loudly once which immediately brought everything to a halt. Those fighting ceased and turned their heads towards him, whispers rising about. A cloaked female walked up to him, strands of blue hair peeking out past her hood.

"Ren, your presence here is unheard of. I don't think no one summoned you to come here."

"I don't need to be summoned to come to places of death. It was the commotion that brought me here. What is going on?"

She sighed, pulling down her hood. "It is the kashas, Ren. They're interfering with our reaping."

"Hm?" Ren raised his eyebrow, interest peaked. "They are never this violent when dealing with soul thievery. What are the souls to be reaped?"

She walked forward, Ren closely following her. "There was a car crash that happened recently. A family of three was inside; the mother and father died instantly but the child managed to survive for a few more minutes, only to die after."

Ren nodded his head at her details, thinking for a slight moment. There was some sort of worth that this family had to the kashas..but what? That was what he was stuck on. "Let me see if I can communicate with the clan's leader, I want all reapers to stay close. Do not attack them unless I say so."

The reaper nodded. "Understood." She left from his side, walking off to tell the other reapers his orders. Ren weaved through the crowd, making sure not to step on anyone, until he reached close enough to the wreckage to extend his hand out.

The fire was a bright blue and shone brightly in the night yet it gave off no warmth. An illusion to play on the eyes of others. Ren looked on towards the fire until a new figure stalked out of the fire: a black cat with piercing salmon eyes, their twintails swaying trance-like.

Hotaru Maki. The Devil's Pet. Leader of the kasha clan that roams around the city. He's had his troubles with her in the past, he wasn't surprised that she would be the one who was involved with this. The cat looked at Ren and her face twisted in anger, instantly getting into a pounce stance. Ren held a hand out.

"Relax, Hotaru. I'm not going to attack you."

"I don't care. You bastards aren't reaping this soul! I let you guys have the mom and the dad but not the kid, no way!"

"And why not? You know that all souls need to be reaped in order to be judged. That's basic law of the dead."

"Well who ever said that I liked to followed it? I make my exceptions."

Ren bit his lip and then exhaled a breath. "Can I, at least, look at the child before I decided what to do with them?"

Hotaru looked at Ren with narrowed eyes and bared fangs before relaxing her stance and sighing, letting the flames shimmer down to small ones that licked Ren's feet gently as he stepped over the ring and moved to the wreckage.

The car was completely totaled, the front smashed in with all of the windows broken, and tipped on its side. The bodies of the mother and father were already gone, disposed of most likely. All reapers need is the soul after all. The body left was the child's

It was a girl, about thirteen years old, her black hair touched red with blood. Her body was untouched except for the small scratches on her wrist and face. He bent down and poked her neck gently.

It's snapped. His look seemed to shift to grimness though one that wasn't observant couldn't tell through the neutral look he composed. Once finished, he rose up and turned his head towards Hotaru's direction.

"This girl...why is she important to you? You must have a reason for she seems as plain as any other human child. We don't give out second chances to every person. The order of life and death would be put out of balance if we did."

"She is important." Hotaru hissed. "She...She used to take care of me before Satan decided to train me, make me their "pet"."

"When you were a normal cat, correct?"

"No. When I was a kasha. She could tell that I was one too, no matter how many spells I used to conceal my true nature."

That managed to break Ren's neutral character, his eyes widening as he took a step backward, mouth becoming slightly open. "That means this girl can see spirits. She must've had traces of reaper in her blood line."

"Maybe, maybe not." Hotaru then smirked. "But that brings me to my second point."


"I want to keep this kid alive and you, well you didn't specify it here but I know of that growing situation about those and how quickly they're disposing of reapers. If this girl gets revived then you can train her into being a reaper. Who knows? She might turn out great."

Ren was about to open his mouth when the same blue-haired reaper from before ran forward. "Ren, you can't! You know the laws of death more than anyone and it's taboo to revive those who need to die."

"I understand that..." He tapped the judgement stick against his chin, contemplating his choices. "But you shouldn't kill what needs to live right? It might be taboo to the law but...this might be the very thing could save the lives of other souls, of other reapers...and I expect all of you to take it to heart and none of you will mention this to the other judges until I am ready, understand?"

The other reapers hesitated, the blue-haired one looking very uncomfortable perhaps even scared, but soon, they all nodded in agreement giving a sound and unanimous "Understood" to Ren.

"'s a deal?" Hotaru piped up, her ears twitching.

Ren nodded. "Yes, I believe so. You are allowed to revive the girl but I will keep close watch on her so she doesn't follow your path of sinfulness."

"Shit, you're always the party pooper." She replied with an eye roll as she turned to the corpse of the girl.

"Stealing bodies during funerals is not fun." He said in a dry tone, shooting a glare towards Hotaru that could freeze people into place but the kasha payed no mind to it. "What is her name? You know every reaper has names."

"Her name is, well was, Samantha. Samantha Livingston though everyone called her Sam."

"Sam huh?" He stared up at the sky with the stick on his lips, thinking deeply about something, and turned away from the wreckage and past the others, both kasha and reaper, disappearing into the blackness of the forest.

Samantha. The name that means "Listener". Perhaps she will live up to her name and listen to the cries of injustice...

And bring them righteousness and justice.

So yeah this is another story I have! It's called Grimm Tales of a Grim Child and if the title and first chapter give any indication about it, it's fairy tales and reapers mixed together, what more could go wrong? Anyway I'll be sure to update this along with putting up the redo of Chapter 1 of Chronicles of a Teenage Chimera (now called Double A) but I can't really now since I'm sorta banned from the computer at home and confined to school :(

I will also say expect a lot of RWBY references in this because holy shit, I might had the idea of Grimm Tales before RWBY but Monty beat me to making a series and I really liked it and decided to take inspiration from the series while still keeping most of my ideas. May one of my favorite inspiration, Monty Oum, rest in peace!

Anyway, please, please, PLEASE review and tell what you liked and what I need to improve on! I desperately ask because I want to get better as a writer, I mean I'm aiming to be one one day! But for now, see you guys later!

Grimm Tales of a Grim Child Ch.1
lmao you see my pun there?

But yeah, this is an original fiction idea I had in awhile! I have already posted this on FictionPress and my Tumblr but I thought I should post it up on here and prove that I'm kinda not dead, well not yet. I have literally no idea if I can update this with constant speed (especially since I'm being banned from the computer at home until graduation) but we'll see :') 

I would love any sort of criticism or comments you have! It would really help me! 
I probably should get more active on here before people start assuming I'm dead because it's like I'm not, it's just that with school and everything else, my time to write anything and my motivation to draw is absolute zero but it's like. 


Which is kinda stressful tbh since I think ever since I got a Tumblr, I've been on there mostly rather than on here and I've been feeling pretty guilty about not coming on here,  how tragic. However I do have a few things I'll post on here when I get a chance to. For starters, I'm rewriting the first chapter of The Shadow Chronicles, now titled Double A, because I think I could do much better than the one I posted on here in my opinion.  Then there's the fourth chapter of Rebel to the Order which I need to get to writing along with another Touhou fic, this time OC-orientated no mom it's not a gappy fic. Then I have a Homestuck OC fic I really want to do and then for French, I wrote my pen pal a story which turned out to be really similar to Persona kinda???? how weird 

Plus I get to spam this account with all of the Rin Okumura/Nue Houjuu fics I want and there's none to stop me. 

Though for safe bets, I'll link you to my personal Tumblr to tell you that I'm not dead, just really preoccupied with stuff in real life. 

No one really knows when or how the Nue was born but it was theorized that the Nue was born during the prehistoric times from the fear of humans. Across the years, the number of Nues multiplied and started spreading fear across the world.

The Nues are split in different clans and while most are rather normal and average, there are five clans that represent the five parts of the supposed chimera form of the beast. The five parts of the Nue are

  • Tanuki

  • Tiger

  • Monkey

  • Snake

  • Bird

And the five clans that are representative of each part, in the order I showed above.

  • Miyamoto → Tanuki

  • Kurosawa → Tiger

  • Yukimura → Monkey

  • Houjuu → Snake

  • Inoue → Bird

These five clans are considered the most important, not just because they represent the five parts of a Nue but because they are considered the most powerful clans of Nues. So basically Nue’s like established royalty.

Now that we got out of the way, let go into the Houjuu Clan.

The Houjuu Clan were known for two things: having the swirled tomoe symbol (I’ll explain later) as their clan symbol and their rare power of identity manipulation.

\Now the tomoe symbol. Some view the mitsudomoe, the three-way swirled tomoe as representative of the threefold division (Man, Earth, and Sky) at the heart of the Shinto religion. The Houjuu clan was known for being contradictory. They all had names that were opposite of their natures, they would live where the humans were or at least tried to live as close as they could to humans.

They were old-fashioned youkai yet revolutionary in their own right. Having the tomoe symbol was a way to show that they were essentially cursed creatures who loves pissing people the hell off.

Now their ability of identity manipulation. Only someone born into the Houjuu family, not entered into through marriage or other means, can wield this ability. It is an ability given through blood and blood only. It allows a member of the Houjuu family to have unprecedented abilities in disguising, enabling them to become any identity right to voice and thought process. It allows them to distort identities, manipulate them, along with making things “unidentifiable” and manipulating those as well.

The signature weapon of the Houjuu family was Kuriyama (name means darkness), a trident made from a magical metal. It is a very strong, durable, and powerful weapon. It can heighten a Houjuu family member’s ability of identity manipulation along with the strengths of the Nue. Only a Houjuu can wield it for that to work and even more, only a youkai can wield the trident.

If a human takes the trident, they will die a slow, painful, and gruesome death. Basically a human, if they take the trident, will melt slowly into black tar. A youkai can hold the trident but not with having their mind corrupted by the dark energy of the trident thus only a Nue can hold the trident to have no effects happen to them.

Kuriyama is wielded by the leader of the Houjuu clan and when they need to be succeeded or the leader dies in battle, then the trident will go to the eldest member who wields the most skill in combat. The only reason Nue has it is because they got from their dad after he was killed.

The Houjuu family were fierce, malicious, and preferred youkai to be at the top which made some other Nue clans uneasy because the power of the unknown, while still strong, was diminishing. Some wanted to integrate with humans to preserve their species but the Houjuu clan was stubborn and stood their place.

I should add that once that happened, the Houjuu clan was ambushed and a big chunk of them were slaughtered and after that slaughter, they never were the same.

Now to Nue’s family.

Nue’s father is Akihiro Houjuu who at the time was the current leader of the Houjuu clan. He’s tall, attractive, dark, battle hardened, and fucking pissed at humans. Nue takes after their father in terms of physical characteristics and personality (black hair, red eyes, tall height, lean frame, sadistic, hating humans)

Akihiro is fucking sadistic as hell. He’s malicious, cocky, violent like geez he could give Yuki Terumi a run for his money (it’s funny because my friend Knell compared Akihiro to Terumi) but he has his moments of kindness, and he’s overprotective of his family, especially his children.

He despises humans because of the slaughter. The ambushers were humans and the ambush resulted in the deaths of his mother, father, and younger siblings. Thus he will kill a human on sight, I’m not kidding.

Akihiro basically roamed around, setting a name for himself and trying to bring his family back to their glory. After meeting Hiromi and running off with her (we’ll get to that later), he married her and they had kids together.

If you want to marry his kids, he will fight you to see if you’re worthy. He believes that whoever his kids decides to marry should be strong enough to protect them from anything and anyone.

Now to Hiromi.

She looks like Yuko from XXXholic no joke

Hiromi is Nue’s mother who was from a different clan of Nue, the Mitsuki clan, who left her family when she was of age because she just wanted to see life from beyond the life of the Nue. When she was walking in the forest, she noticed the daughter of a nearby ruler who ran away from her family in order to get away from tight protection.

She probably need that protection because Hiromi killed her and wore her identity. Now I said that identity manipulation is a rare power only to the Houjuus, wearing identities and disguising one self is standard Nue powers along with fear manipulation.

Believing Hiromi’s disguise, she was taken in as the ruler’s daughter and brought up like a princess. This would explain her regal, elegant, well polite personality and how she wears very elegant clothing. When she had to choose a suitor to get married, one of the suitors was Akihiro in disguise.

A summary of their interaction is Akihiro would have secret meetings with Hiromi which resulted in falling in love with each other. He easily pointed her out as a Nue and asked her why she would dare live like a human to which she merely replied “because it’s fun to put on a disguise though I do wish I could go on other

After that, long story short, Akihiro broke into the palace and stole away Hiromi, literally, and also killed the other two suitors while pissing off the ruler at the same time. Then they banged and had kids

Now to the kids

Nue had an older sister. Her name was Michiru Houjuu and she is angst incarnated. No but she’s so dark and pessimistic and anti-social. She actually dislikes the status of being a Nue because it’s a pretty lonely life and would actually prefer that one day she could be friends with humans.

She even looks angstful, black hait tied into a side ponytail, dark color kinomos. ANGST

and then there’s Nue. We all know about Nue so Imma skip some stuff  unless you want to but Nue wasn’t their birth name. Their birth name was actually Toshimi, which with their surname means “sacred sealed beast” which brings back to the naming pattern of their family. They changed it to Nue after living with tanukis and realizing that why should they follow a naming system for humans like hell yeah my name is Nue and I’m gonna be the damn scariest Nue ever.

So yeah that’s basically the gist of the entire Houjuu family headcanon! I wish Nue’s family was still alive so they didn’t have to experience so much heartbreak, help me god

What are Nues exactly?

But I'm thinking to write a story about Nue and their family, might as well deliver the headcanon related to it. This is my most detailed and longest headcanon of Touhou actually but anyway, questions? Comments?
I need to get back into the habit of going back on here. I'm pretty sure a good lot of you are worried about me. 

I blame my reoccurring art block and stuff like that but don't worry I'm alright! I'm just writing certain things that I hope I can upload on here like perhaps that one touhou headcanon I have since it's super long and shit, speaking of, Rebel to the Order Chapter 4 is coming soon! But anyway, a late Happy Holidays! How did everyone's Christmas and such go? Mine was pretty good, I got both Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, an Amazon Gift Card, and Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend I can finally play as all of my Blazblue waifus 

Also I turned 17 today and the year's almost ending! I think my love for Nue and Rin Okumura has increased to 200% over the year and I'm shipping them together, don't judge me this is shipping if they are ncest ships then I can ship Rin Okumura with Nue Houjuu, I got facts to back it up. 

Anyway happy holidays! 
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Ah Chapter 3! Sorry it took so long, I got rather muddled up in college apps and school so I couldn't get around to doing it. I would like to say thank you to everyone who's reviewed and/or followed/faved this story so far! I'm rather unconfident in my works so whenever someone follows or comment on it, I get really happy so thank you!

Nue landed on the ground. Well actually, they crashed face first into the concrete sidewalk in exhaustion, tasting asphalt in their mouth. This crash landing of theirs was evidence that they couldn't trust anything Yukari said; the city of Chiba was beyond "nearby" like the youkai sage said. It was more than two and a half hours from where Gensokyo's prime location was at and frankly, it was exhausting for Nue to fly that far for that long while having someone screaming into their ear every time they wanted to rest for ten minutes.

"I wanna take a nap..."

"Come now chimera, you can't be this tired from a simple trip. It only takes me a few minutes and little physical exertion to get here."

Nue opened an eye, their expression souring at the voice. Speaking of liars, here was the prime liar herself Yukari Yakumo. Nue rose up, spitting out whatever pebbles entered their mouth, and ran into a darkened alleyway before anyone could spot their presence. Leaning on the wall, Nue pulled out the purple, now glowing, yin-yang communicator from their robes.

"Oh shut up. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not a person capable of creating holes that can transport people to other places in two seconds flat."

"Even so, you're known for your speed. I thought you would get here faster. Could those really be rumors?~"

"Shut it." Nue's tone was dry. "Just explain why the hell you're callin' me now."

"Well I, firstly, wanted to check up on your progress on your journey to Kyoto."

"It's been two hours since the last time you actually checked up on me if you don't count you, Reimu, and the others tryin' to make me deaf."

"Hm? I would never make anyone deaf. That's the yama's job." A long sip of tea was heard by Nue which really made them want to turn around and go back to Gensokyo just to punch Yukari in the face for not taking them seriously about this mission. After all, she was the one who was all for Nue doing this when they got transported through on accident but it wasn't like they were completely complaining; at least they can get some excitement in their life now.

"Nue, you're in the Outside World and you must blend in. Your journey will end before it starts if someone catches you in your outfit now."

"So I gotta change clothes and identities?" Nue smirked. "Shouldn't be too hard. It's something I do every day."

"Changing clothes completely Nue, not wearing illusions. Do you really think such a villain would actually let you get away with using your power? I think not. The process is simple really: In order to get clothes in the Outside World, you must trade money for it which I'm sure you're about ready to ask for but..." Another sip of tea was heard from Yukari. "That's none of my business."

"What the fuck ya mean it's not?! You're the one who sent me here! Send me some money!"

"Oh, honestly Nue I would send some but I've registered to use my boundary abilities to keep the border for deteriorating any faster." She laughed. "You're in my thoughts~" With that, the orb became dormant.

Nue clicked their tongue in annoyance. "She's such a pain." Nue popped their head out to peek out of the alleyway. Unknown to the chimera, they landed in Makuhari, the highly-popular business community of Chiba. The city of Chiba, even though being the 14th populated city in Japan, was a populous city in its own right. There were all sorts of professional workers bustling about, chatting on their phones or tourists hoping to see what was going on at Makuhari Messe, a high-tech and very attractive convention center.

A mischievous glint came to Nue's eyes. They were sure that one person wouldn't miss their wallet. Or two. Maybe three in case they wanted to get some food. Nue pressed themselves closer to the wall so their wings were pressed against the wall, the red blades pointing towards the opening of the alley. Touching the red part of their wings, a purple light shone bright throughout the wings like a scanner and and slowly the wings started to unravel from their red abstract scythe-shape to the upper area of pelicans, eyes blinking about.

Let's see if these birds are good fishers... Nue leaned slightly to get a better look at who was coming, their wings extending slightly out past the wall. Sure enough, there were three people passing by, each of them doing their own thing: a businessman chatting on the phone, a tourist sucked into her guide book, a young adult clearly tuned out on their music. Three people, three wings, three suckers.

It was a simple game of fishing for Nue, who used their now living pelican wings to scoop the wallets and/or purses that were conveniently located in reachable and vulnerable places with precision and stealth. The pelicans deposited the loot in Nue's hands and turned back into their red scythe shapes. Nue cracked open all of the bags and their eyes widened in an instant.

"These people are loaded!" Nue said out loud in amazement. The businessman's wallet was stuffed fat with money and even the other two had a great amount of money despite their backgrounds. They never saw this much money in their lives before and holy shit there was no way that Nue was not losing this opportunity to spend such an amount.

Flipping through the money, Nue looked over across the street and spotted a medium-sized clothing store, designed as if it was a store where only the best looking for the current "in" fashions were, chic yet for the modern young person. How convenient that store was, just now.

Unfortunately, this meant walking out in the open where everyone could see them and their clothes and get their identity blown. Well, at least, they could just use their ability on their clothes, just to get across.

Nue opened the door, the bell alerting the nearby store clerk of their appearance. She was a round-faced woman with short brown hair, wearing a simple shirt, black pants with black flats with her apron, and she greeted Nue with a bright face.

"Hello! Welcome to Boutique De Soliei! Your number one place for cutting edge fashion!"

"Boutitook de Solwhat?" Nue said, an eyebrow raised and their lips scrunched up in confusion. The clerk laughed at their confusion which didn't make Nue any better.

"I know, hard name isn't it? It took me awhile to actually say it right. It means Store of the Sun; the company's founder is a woman who lives in Paris, France and her designs are so popular they even reached here!"

"So it's like a spread out market?"

The clerk nodded. "Exactly! Anyway, do you need something?"

"Oh yeah, I need some clothes since my clothes are...uh..."

"Out of style? By the way, striped pants went out a long time ago, according to the founder."

"Yeah, I noticed but could you help me find more unique clothes? Preferably red, black, and blue?"

"Hmm..." She tapped a finger on her cheek. "Check here, there, here and over there." She pointed to each section of the store which Nue wanted to groan under their breath. They were on a mission, not a shopping trip. They didn't want to be cooped up in a store.

"Well alright then...thanks" Nue forced a smile on their face which the woman took as geinue and smiled back.

"No problem dearie~!" She said in her chipper tone, a tone so high pitched that it grinded Nue's ears, as she walked back to the checkout desk of the store. Picking clothes shouldn't be hard. A person only needs to get what they need but this was different. Despite the clothes being organized, there was tons of them and Nue was sure that if they even so much as picked the wrong clothes, would attack and berate their style for what's "in style".

"This is going to be so long..." Nue said with dread as they walked towards one of the racks.

The doors of the fitting room closed with a shut. The only good thing humans had was rooms such as these where there was privacy to do things like get dressed and plot what town you need to go next when you're looking for a guy trying to destroy your home. Taking off and then shoving their olden era clothes into the brown bag that was placed on the room's bench, Nue ruffled their short and messy black hair while staring at their reflection.

Nue's body was covered in scars of various shapes and sizes, physical examples of the life of such a fearsome and rather violent creature. A finger traced itself across Nue's chest and stopped at one particular scar: a small hole, millimeters wide near their heart, a vital blow.

"This trip really will bring back memories..." Nue turned around to put on the new, more modern clothes. The reminiscing of past failures can wait for when they actually get to Kyoto, not now.

They hiked up the black pants and buttoned them with a snap, pulled their head through the large hole of the t-shirt before turning around to face the mirror again. Now they were quietly laughing to themself about the choice of shirt they picked: a black t-shirt with the words "OuroboBROS" written in bright neon green, the cartoon drawing of two snakes tied into a circle shown under the words.

Landing on the bench, Nue grabbed a shoebox colored a sky blue and flipped the top open. Out of all the outfit choices, this was the one they actually thought about. They caught their eye when the chimera walked through the aisle of shoes: Red thigh-high boots that had black on the soles, the shine of silver steel on the toes attracting them to the shoes.

Well if I'm stuck here for awhile might as well treat myself.

There was no way they were letting boots that cool leave their sight. The boots were comfortable too, able to let Nue's feet easily slide into them.

"Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Bag, Jacket in Bag, yeah that's everything." Nue walked out and almost instantly the woman was in their range, taking them by the hand and dragging them to the checkout stand.

"I see that you are pleased with everything, graphic tees are always in by the way."

"Yeah...I noticed."

The woman either didn't notice Nue's uneasiness in their voice or decided to playfully ignore it when she rang up the items with the cash register. I guess it's good that she was practically stalking me, it was easy for her to ring up all of this while I got changed.

"Okay total is 31,764.85!"


"THAT MUCH?!" Nue jumped back, their eyes widening at the price. It was never that expensive for clothing back in Sado or Gensokyo for that matter. A lot changed in the Outside World since the last time they stepped foot on it. The clerk tilted her head in confusion.

"Why yes. It's only 274.98 in American dollars; surely you could've gotten something more expensive. Is that too much?"

Nue shook their head, trying to relax. "It's nothing...Just a little..uh..culture shock? I just never seen that price before in my life with prices back at my town. I came from a rather rural area." Nue shuffled through their pockets, pulled out one of the wallets and took out a few bills, it was lucky that a). Mamizou taught them about American Money and b). one of the people they stole from had it, and started to hand out to the woman when suddenly a loud tune caught both of them off guard.

"Eh? What was that?"

"Oh!" The woman pointed to the TV that was hanging from the ceiling by a metal pole. "That's the TV, I had it on waiting for you to finish changing and such. It must be some sort of announcement by the news."

"The news huh..." A sudden uneasiness lay deep in Nue's stomach as the two watched the broadcast take place.

"In other news today, the company Zoothera Dauma suffered a great loss of technology today as an assailant rushed in and attacked the business while they were working on a project in the area of the Yasugatake Mountains. The secretary of the company's President, Miya Honda, delivered the news during a press release earlier today."

The screen of the middle-aged news reporter switched to that of a room with people talking hurriedly and quietly while cameras clicked and flashed. Miya had her blonde hair loosened and down to her back and wore a simple white dress shirt and black skirt, her dark shades replaced by normal thin-framed glasses.

That's...that's the crazy lady! The one who wanted to kidnap me!

"Yesterday, we suffered a loss of equipment and the injuries of forces, both scientist and soldier, during our project in the mountains. This assailant who goes by the name of Nue Houjuu, the supposed Unidentified Terror..."

Shit. Nue's uneasiness escalated, their body tensing and grimace crossed their face.

"This "Nue Houjuu" is a certified treasonist. They claim to overthrow Japan's own government, rule it under their own dictatorship, and will harm any company and person that so much as follows the rules that the government has placed on the country."

A hush came over the reporters in the footage of the press release before they went back to talking, this time louder and more interest to know.

"Honda-san! So what does this assailant look like? Is there any pictures of them?"


Miya smiled at the reporter, a smile that showed much more than excitement to the observant: a smile of cunning, of malice.

"Actually we happened to snag a picture of the assailant actually. We decided to send it outward through the news stations across the country and as we speak, their picture will be plastered over TVs and their name heard over radios everywhere."

"A treasonist?" The clerk sounded worried, playing with a strand of her hair. "That sounds pretty hectic, I may have to close up shop for awhile if the boss needs us to...hopefully the police will be able to handle it, customer?" She ended her sentence as a question, confused; Nue was nothing to be found, only the money on the counter and a coin in the midst of rattling.



The yin-yang orb glowed to life and Nue could hear Reimu's yawning through the mic.

"What is it, Nue? You don't need to yell."

"I ACTUALLY FUCKING DO! That stupid bitch who tried to kidnap me called me a treasonist! She's getting all of Japan to go after my head! She's plastered my image all over this country!"

"Well how did she get your picture?"

"It was that bird of hers! The bird you all thought was normal!"

"Well did you destroy it?"

"I tried...but I had scarin' to do."

"Well whose fault was that not to destroy the evidence?"

"Shut up!"

"Do you want advice or not?"

"I want a way to get out of here before I get caught!"

"Well what's there?"

"Hakurei, do you really think that I know what kind of transportation is here? DO YOU REALLY-"

"Nue, calm down. If you said that she plastered your face all over Japan then people are probably looking for you. You're a criminal Nue!"



A bright light shone onto Nue causing them to hiss in reaction and their pupils to dilate. They put a hand over their eyes, hoping to shield themselves from the light. Red and blue sirens flashed off in the opening of the alley that Nue found shelter in.

A man walked into the alley, quickly followed by others. They were dressed in blue suits, white peaked caps on their head. The one in the front walked closer to Nue, one of their hands on their gun.

"You who claims yourself to be Nue Houjuu, you're under arrest! Come out or else we will have to use force!"

The Police. Well that was nice, so nice. As in nice, Nue meant bad. They were trapped no way to go...except up. Nue exhaled a breath and their solid body broke apart, turning into black smoke until Nue was nothing but a cloud and quickly floated up, out of the alley and away from the scene.

Landing on a deserted street, miles away, Nue reformed into their humanoid body and took out the orb, jiggling it.

"I almost got arrested so thanks Reimu." They then groaned. "I don't want to fly to the next city, that could take hours, days, and I don't want to fly for that long!"

"Eh? That you Nue?"

Nue's distressed look turned into one of awe as their eyebrow was raised. "Mamizou?"

"The one and only!"

A wave of relief rushed throughout Nue as they placed a hand over their heart. "Heh...Knew it. Guess you heard about what happened?"

"Mmhm. One of the tanuki told me who saw it all go down. 'Course this whole thing is practically under wraps so we'll keep it secret, secret. Tanuki's Honor!"

"Right, so do you have any sort of an idea to what I should do? There's no way in hell I'm flying all the way to the next place."

"Just take a moped; I saw them in an ad in Sado one day. They're like scooters that get people places in no time at all or you know, trains."

"While trains are lovely, I can't do that."

"Why not? It's not like you're a criminal or anythin'."

Nue gulped. " see..."

" in the hell did that happen?" Mamizou sounded shocked. "I get that you're a Nue and you need to scare people but if you did something to get you branded as a criminal then you're basically screwed!"

"Wasn't my fault! Some crazy chick plastered my face all over Japan, saying that I was going to kill everyone in Japan and topple the government!"

"Okay, okay. Let's be calm; where are you now?"

"Chiba. I need to get to Kyoto to find whoever is messin' with the border and kick their ass."

"Oh, head to Ibaraki next! That's the closest prefecture from Chiba!"

"Ibaraki, got it. I think I can find my way there."

"Good now find a moped. Like now."

"Eh? Why?"


Nue turned and was met face to face with a legion of police officers and cars. The appearance of the police made their jaw drop to the ground. This was not part of the plan. Nope, not at all.

"Yeah, I would freeze but you know, I got something important to the next prefecture...I gotta save my place and all of that stuff so...bye!" Nue quickly bolted away from the police.

This action only prompted the police to go after Nue with a loud cry, the cars speeding off towards their direction. Nue shook the communicator frantically as they ran, hoping for some sort of reception.

"Okay Mamizou! Imma really need a moped at this rate! I can easily shake the police off with a confusing turn but holy shit they will come back and come back hard."

"Look for a scooter! Just do it! There should be some around Chiba, it's super modern!"

Okay scooter, scooter. Their eyes darted around until something red flashed their eye. They stopped in their tracks and turned around. It was sleek, red, mechanic, new. A moped. A way out.

Perfect. Nue walked to the moped and felt the front of it. This will get to Ibaraki in no time and will save them the energy that would be spent flying. "Heh...The owner wouldn't mind me borrowing this..." They climbed on the seat and started the scooter, the motor running with a pat-pat.

Nue grabbed the handlebars and clenched, making the motor roar more. "Haha, yes!" Nue laughed with a triumphant smile on their face. "Ibaraki here I come!"

With that, Nue clenched and twisted the handlebars of the scooter, the chimera speeding off on the road leaving nothing but a cloud of dust behind.

Chapter 3 is done, finally! Nue's heading on Ibaraki first on their way to Kyoto! Nue will cross a lot of prefectures in this fic and with each new place comes a new enemy. I think I could've done better, especially with the encounters of police, but I was in such a mode that I wanted to get this chapter done so I could construct character designs since this is when the action kicks off! But anyway, I hope you enjoy this and see you later!

Rebel to the Order Ch.3: A Fugitive is Born
You fucked up Nue Houjuu. You fucked up. 

Anyway Nue's journey starts! So far I've planned the trip to Kyoto, in terms of prefectures, to be: Chiba -> Ibaraki -> Tokyo -> Yamanashi -> Shizuoka -> Nagano -> Ishikawa -> Fukui -> Shiga -> Mie -> Nara -> Osaka -> Kyoto 

Ah, that's going to be a lot of research and a lot of OCs to make but this is where the action really heats up! And also: STEEL TOED BOOTS. luv this chimera in steel toed boots. 

Please comment if you can! I would really love the feedback/criticism! 
I probably should get more active on here before people start assuming I'm dead because it's like I'm not, it's just that with school and everything else, my time to write anything and my motivation to draw is absolute zero but it's like. 


Which is kinda stressful tbh since I think ever since I got a Tumblr, I've been on there mostly rather than on here and I've been feeling pretty guilty about not coming on here,  how tragic. However I do have a few things I'll post on here when I get a chance to. For starters, I'm rewriting the first chapter of The Shadow Chronicles, now titled Double A, because I think I could do much better than the one I posted on here in my opinion.  Then there's the fourth chapter of Rebel to the Order which I need to get to writing along with another Touhou fic, this time OC-orientated no mom it's not a gappy fic. Then I have a Homestuck OC fic I really want to do and then for French, I wrote my pen pal a story which turned out to be really similar to Persona kinda???? how weird 

Plus I get to spam this account with all of the Rin Okumura/Nue Houjuu fics I want and there's none to stop me. 

Though for safe bets, I'll link you to my personal Tumblr to tell you that I'm not dead, just really preoccupied with stuff in real life. 


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