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My Art Enjoy! Do Not Steal My Art espically my OCs or you shall be punished!


Art that I think is absolutely awesome!


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Technically wise, it's Christmas where I'm at but I would like to say Happy Holidays to everyone even if you aren't celebrating Christmas! Holidays should be happy right?

For Christmas, I got a 3DS along with Pokemon X so I am pretty jocular right now. I already named my trainer Aradia and now I'm in the midst of picking either Chespin or Fennekin as my starter This is one of the hardest decisions in my life why can't I have both I should draw my trainer and pokemon sometime when I get far enough in the game. 

But anyway Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!


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Ahmanda (known as Kero)
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Marisa x Flandre stamp by Akanes-Stamps Official Touhou Nerd Stamp by GattaForte Yukari Stamp by xxChihiroSan STAMP: Marisa Kirisame by mobbostamps
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Sorry for the stamp spam ;v;

How Long I've been drawing anime/manga style: Can't remember now XD

Hello there,I'm animefan3555 but you can call me Flying Frog,my UNL username. I'm your average 15 year old girl that doesn't fangirl over what people think 15 year old girls should (*cough1Dcough*).I like to play video games,drawing and write stories even if I suck :p. I like anime and manga but I don't watch it a lot anymore :iconlegaspplz: Mainly because I'm lazy.

Also I'm an official Touhou addict,I have most of the games excluding the PC-98 ones,Double Spoiler,Shoot the Bullet,and Fairy Wars and I fail on them past Easy :iconrazycryplz: The reason why is I love the characters,music and the games;Thanks to Touhou,Life has been pretty good. I don't have a favorite character because I love them all. You should try it,its a great series of hard but really fun games,just advoid the massive amounts of hentai from fandom :iconyuukaplz:

Also I make OCs but I really hate GodMods and Mary Sues with my soul (Mary sues get a lighter punishment because we all had some,its just when the maker doesn't try to fix them,they act all whiny about a OC critique and block people,didn't do thier research or when the OC messes with canon then I'm mad). I also support OCxCanon if done right or at least not filled with completely sueism.

Also I like a lot of things (Yaoi/Yuri,anime,Touhou,etc.) and dislike a lot of things (One Erection,Young Money,Rabid fans) but you like something I don't: That's ok I'll respect your opinion if you respect mine,Do that and we can be friends however you yell at me hurling pick-axes because I don't like it then you'll get a whole new side of me :iconyoumurapefaceplz:

Overall I'm a nice person and would love to come talk and all the nice pictures of that Deviantart has to offer so Bye~! :iconkawaiipandaplz:

Walfas DNA: 3.39:flyingfrog:149:348:276:126:120:5:11:10:0:64:0:262626
Alt: 3.39:Frog:100:159:160:120:179:1:0:0:0:0:2:4DA224

Touhou Roleplay Accounts (RP with them please?): :iconborders-of-elegance:, :iconstar-magician-marisa:,:iconhalfphantomgardener:,:icondollmakerofbucuresti:
Touhou Ask Account: :iconaskrinsatsuki:

DA Family/Friends: (If you want to be in it just ask)
Friends who share most of the same fandoms as me
:iconbluefootthewarrior: :iconznapple-star::iconaskmarisakirisame:
:iconxxbutterflycookiexx: :iconairkey: :iconrumiflan::iconbootydestroyer:

:iconadorableevil29: (Anime-Loving Sister!)

:iconthe-devils-sister: (Roleplay Buddy!)

IRL Saionji

Morails for life

All my watchers (Very Epic Friends!)

*Note: I haven't exactly finished this family tree or whatever so expect changes from time to time! Also if you want to be in it just ask! ovo*

Number of things to owe people: Between 7-10
When I will finish those completely: Probably by next summer

My birthday badge


Skype: touhounerd25

Pesterchum: gallopingTurtle

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