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Human Name: Zack,ID: Project Phoniex

Titles: Pyrokinetic Assassin,Two-Faced Being

Threat Level:  High

Friendship Level: That depends on which Zack,Normal Zack: Average,"Virus" Zack: Low

Looks: Normally Zack would have blonde and green-blue eyes. The color of his eyes depends on how much of his power he's using,the blue will show up more if he's using less and green if he's using more. Most of the time,Zack's "battle outift" will just be a black jacket,whie shirt,red tie and black pants and shoes; However as he gets more control of his powers he started wearing an orange hoodie and jeans with red sneakers.

Personality: His personality can be described as well,flip-flop. Mainly because there are two sides to Zack so two very different personalities; Normal Zack-overall nice guy and "Virus" Zack-an deadly manic but both sides have personality traits in common-The fact that Zack is cold and calculating,always quick on his feet,arrogant and is a deadly force to be reckoned with

Powers: Zack is a bioweapon made to excel beyond Akhisa at everything and eventually kill him,In order for that to happen the scientists who created him had give Zack a power stronger than Akihisa so they fused him with the DNA of a demonic phoenix. Due to the DNA,Zack has the ability to control fire,plus the DNA filled his body with fire,which means Zack can withstand high-temparture heat. He also gained flight abilities but everyone can do that so its not important
Because the goal the scientists had for Zack and the DNA,Zack is a true immortal and can't die permanently. However,his immortality is different: Zack can't die for good but he will "die" if he get enough injuries but he'll just be knocked out while his body heals to be good as new,He doesn't have fast healing and his injuries will not go away untill he gets treatment or "dies". Also since Zack's a bioweapon He has super strength and speed plus excellent accuray and agility.
Another thing,Since Zack was made to kill Akihisa,Once he starts going beyond his limits He turns into a insane killing machine otherwise known as "Virus" Zack. That Zack is ruthless and will kill anyone and anything in his way,There's only a small window to get Zack out of his control.

Weapons: Zack has two main weapons that isn't already his;His guns and knives. Zack's guns are special in a way: the bullets can be manipulated so they can hurt whatever person Zack wants them to kill, wherever they're human or not. His knives are normal though.

History: Before being turned into a bioweapon,Zack was a normal human with a normal life untill one day he was kidnapped by a secret organization ran by Akihisa's uncle,Hiro in disguise. The plan was simple turn Zack into unstoppable bioweapon and when Akihisa gains his abilities,Zack would kill him and steal Akihisa's power from him. That would happened but one of people responsible of the project had a change of heart and broke Zack out of the lab with a few others,During the break-out Zack died in the process but woke up a few days later. Zack stayed with the scientist and her family untill he woke up and found himself in a new house as a seven year old.

What happened is a huge gap in his memory and none will tell him what happened during it so it remains a mystery to him.

After waking in the new house,He found his new family which would be Jake,Sam, and Akihisa. After meeting them,he went to the same school that Akihisa went to too. Zack wasn't as cheerful as he is now,In fact he always kept to himself;the first day of school he said his name,walked to his desk and just sat there not speaking a word to anyone untill he met someone: A boy named Adam. The two became friends and Adam helped Zack become the person he is now.
Then they went to middle school and things started going downhill.
The more and more Zack started being nice and talking,the more people started to idolize him,the more he neglected Adam and the more Adam hated Zack. It wasn't obvious that Adam had resentment of him to Zack,but the more arguments and fights it became obvious. The tipping point was the day it happened. It was a normal day untill well,Adam blew a hole in the side of the school and left with one of the students;Zack feeling that it was Adam went after him and sure enough it was Adam but he had a different aura to him,turns out he made a contract with Hiro to turn himself into a demon to kill Zack. There,in front of Zack Adam told him how much he hated him and proceed to challenge him. During the battle,Zack activated his powers which was dormant untill then. During the battle,Adam caused a diversion: A truck explosion and escaped,leaving  Zack to take the hit and die. In the hospital,Zack met a woman who said she knew him. Turns out it was the scientist that saved him long ago. She told him everything,Some of his past life,his powers,Why Adam turned himself into a demon. After that,the woman asked Zack if he would like her to help him train his powers,He said yes.
Welp,I decided to make bios for the characters in my novel The Shadow Chronicles. I started with Zack since he's the easiest to do and it started out like Perfect Memento :iconbadpokerfaceplz:

I'm going to do this with most of the characters,then finally I will get off my ass and start typing up the chapters of the book.

Also I'm not exactly done with this,I have some re-writing and extra stuff to add but What do you think of it so far? I'm open for advice ;3;

Also I shall draw Zack and some of the other characters when I regain the ability to draw males again...:icongustaokayplz:
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This sounds like it will be a fun story to read. :)
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